1. this is a story about someone who lives on a farm next to a giant satellite dish and goes out to stare at it night after night. the dish wasn’t there when he was born, and he can’t remember exactly when it appeared, but it was after he had grown up and stopped caring about the grand world around him and the mysteries that hung above him in the night sky. it might be nothing more than a radio antennae, or it might be broadcasting infomercials to the rest of the country, but to him it is a symbol of everything that he has forgotten; all of the beauty and the wonder that he used to feel when his mother walked him into the quiet dark after the sun had gone to bed, before the farm was surrounded by the lights of the city and he could still see the constellations that wheeled over his head. sometimes, when the nights are quiet and the noise from the city is nothing more than a distant roar, he looks up at it and he remembers what it is like to dream.

  2. the glory of doge


  3. we drive north and west, through no man’s land, listening to preachers read awkwardly from the bible. three stations about jesus, one playing bad classic rock. we pass road-side churches and pawn shops selling guns and ammo and gold jewelry, while the “scan” feature scrolls endlessly through the fm frequencies, stopping only on public radio and the religious music stations that are, perhaps through divine intervention, uniformly static free. as we come around a long, serpentine bend in the road, a train stretches into the distance and the dying sun sets the weird, rock-strewn hills ablaze.

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  7. wow such black and white very gravitas

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  14. I write for a beautiful soccer mag. So do a bunch of famous people. It’s really good. No thanks to me.

    8x8 issue 02 is at the printer. Issue 01 has been out for a while. Buy now or live with eternal, crippling regret.


  15. enter the doge